Skills development

Wow, I finally got my promotion to Manager.  What key leadership skills do I need to have in hand now?

Working with an executive coach, you can explore the strengths that enabled you to move into your new leadership role and build a plan to use those strengths to achieve your new goals.  A coach will help you identify the leadership skills that are required for success in your new role and can partner with you to build a plan to gain confidence in areas that may be new to you.  Coaching can truly accelerate your success in your new position. 

My director says I should delegate more.  I’d like to do that but my staff is incompetent and it’s faster to do stuff myself than keep showing them how to do it.

Coaching will help the leaders difficult transition as sole contributor to empowering others, moving from doing to leading. An executive coach can help you develop your team building skills as well as your ability to hold others accountable.  These skills will help you grow your team’s capacity and lighten your own workload.

Skills inventory and assessment

I need help interpreting the output from my 360-degree assessment.  Where do I start?

An Executive Coach can help you digest, understand and prioritize the information provided with the output a 360-degree assessment.  Working with your coach, you can co-create an action plan that will allow you to build on your strengths, address your growing edges and link your leadership development plan to your business results.  Your coach can also work with you to build strategies to help you hold yourself accountable for delivering on your plan.

Field Observation and Feedback

Our projects keep going sideways and I think it’s because of poor communications.  I know we need to change how we do things but nothing I try seems to work. 

Your In Sync executive coach will come to your work place and with your permission observe you and your team in a real life setting.  Our coaches are trained in team coaching and human dynamics and can use their expertise to identify communication patterns or other team dynamics that may not be visible to you and your colleagues.  Your coach’s observations can help you understand how each player and each component of your organization contributes to your business goals.  By reflecting on the observations you will gain new clarity and you will find new strategies that will allow you to leverage the strengths of the entire team more easily.  Coaching has helped many teams find solutions in record time for problems they thought unsolvable.

I want to have honest, open conversations with my clients and staff, and yet every time a tough topic comes up, everybody brushes it under the carpet.  I need skills to get this stuff out in the open so we can improve and move forward.

Having difficult conversations is the hardest part of every leader’s accountability.  It can also be the most rewarding both for the individuals involved and the organization as a whole.  Knowing the truth through honest feedback allows everyone to achieve their best performance.  With a coach, you can understand what type of “team climate” you have in place, and can understand your accountability for leading your team to the climate and culture that will allow you all to thrive by taking on the tough issues in courageous conversations.  Your executive coach will enable you to operate from your core values so that what may have seemed difficult will seem clear and straightforward.  You will create a space where you and your team can have crucial conversations that enable you to achieve and sustain your business objectives.

We work so hard in this place and every week I’m expected to do more with less.  I can’t help it if I lose my temper and yell at people sometimes.  What do they expect with the amount of work they pile on me?

Do you work for this person?  Are you this person? In virtually every industry sector doing more with less is a business imperative.  As leaders, working through these changing circumstances and  managing our own responses to change is a daily challenge. A coach can help you to to “take a deep breath” when you and your team feel overwhelmed and help you to break down your work priorities into manageable chunks.  Through a coach, you can also understand what is triggering your off-the-cuff reactions to change and be more aware of the impact your words have on the behaviour and attitudes of others.