Mergers and Acquisitions

“My company is going through a merger.  I’m not sure how this will affect me or my team…I know that my job is to stabilize my team,but how can I do that when I am not sure what lies ahead?”

There’s not a much more unsettling situation for a leader than this one!  Times of change can make even the strongest leaders feel vulnerable; and when we’re feeling vulnerable about our own role, it’s a big challenge to project calm professionalism to your team and keep them focused on the work at hand. 

An Executive Coach can help you deal with this situation in two ways.  First, by working with you one on one to help you “say out loud” what your hopes, fears and dreams are for yourself in your changing circumstances.  As coaches, we provide you with a confidential space to talk through all the “what if” scenarios that may be keeping you up at night.  A coach can help you to advance and clarify your thinking by challenging you to delve into areas that may seem too risky to talk about with your colleagues.  Second, an Executive Coach can work with you to think through the challenges that your team may be facing and help you use what you know about your team to build ways to leverage their strengths as you face the changes together.  

Organization Change

“As a CEO, I am implementing a significant organization change in my company; we’ve done all the communications hoopla to launch a new strategy, what do we do now to ensure that the change is a real one and is sustainable over time?  I cannot afford for this to be the “flavour of the month” around here.”

Creating and communicating a change is easy; sustaining it and bringing it to life is what distinguishes the good leaders from the GREAT ones.  Times of big change require energy and consistency on the part of the leader, the senior executive team and all of the members of the organization who lead and influence others. As CEO, you will most likely feel more ready and be able to handle the change faster than those around you.  Using a coaching culture to install the change in your organization can help you as a leader see what will make the change real, and can give you an early warning system if energy and excitement start to falter.  You may choose to work with a specialized C level coach who can hold up the mirror for you and ask you the challenging questions about the sustainability of the change that your team might be hesitant to pose.  You may also choose to offer coaching to your leadership team; by working with a coach they will have the opportunity to confidentially explore what the change means for them and how they may have to evolve their leadership style.  A carefully crafted coaching agreement, will allow the Executive Coach to provide you as the sponsor with insights into what your team is really thinking that you may not otherwise hear about.