Once that crucial decision is made to bring Coaching into your organization, the decision will need to be made whether to create a coaching culture with Internal Coaches or hire External Coaches.  Both are invaluable ways to achieve increased performance, improve retention and morale and develop greater employee commitment through helping individual employees find greater satisfaction in their roles. 

For internal coaching, one must have the desire and ‘buy-in’ of Senior level executives within the organization with Trained Coaches ready to facilitate the program.

In preparation for this, it is essential to have a fully developed program that includes:

  • A clearly stated ‘What’s In It For Me’ strategy that links Coaching to the company objectives, goals and the individuals role within the company
  • Clearly articulated Confidentiality Agreements and parameters within the organization
  • Internal Marketing Plan to promote Coaching that includes a Coaching Participant Manual to address any questions an employee may  have
  • Administration and Enrollment Plan that includes matching coaches & clients, tracking, reporting and success measurement. 

There are many programs out there where Licensed Professionals come in and help create this within any organization.  We have two Licensed Trainers that are available to come and teach the 5/5/5 Coaching Skills Training Program to your organization.  With the core skills of coaching and the above program, your company can successfully roll out a Coaching Program that embodies a true ‘Coaching Culture’. 

The Second option is finding a reputable firm that you can partner with, one that is willing to meet the objectives your organization has set out where you outline your goals that align with your strategic plan. 

A few important details to have in place when hiring a coaching organization:

  • Have measurable goals in mind that meet your strategic plan
  • Check for results from previous coaching and ensure they are credentialed.
  • Recognize from the start that Coaching is a strategy and to secure measurable results, your organization must be committed and willing to making significant change.
  • Interview the Firm to ensure compatibility.
  • Ensure you roll out the program with clear expectations to those you will involve in Coaching
  • Have your program complete internal with tracking, confidentiality expectations, ‘WIIFM’ strategy for employees, participant manual and your internal marketing plan. The firm you hire can help you with all of these!

In Sync Leadership Development can help you create Internal Coaching and come in as External Coaches.  We provide training, help you with your internal program and work with you to ensure all your needs are met so your bottom line will reflect the desired results often with the ROI of 700%!