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Accelerate Your Leadership


Most executives need practical on-the-job learning rather than more intellectual leadership training. Marshall Goldsmith's acclaimed Stakeholder Centered Coaching process quickly identifies tipping point behaviors and leverages a clear process enabling leadership growth to become embedded in day-to-day interactions on the job. 

Create Your Succession Plan


Some of the primary reasons leaders are overlooked for promotions are: 

  • no ready replacement
  • undervalued leadership brand / capital

The major challenge faced by executives today is not understanding the practice of leadership but practicing their understanding of leadership. InSync Executive Coaching in Toronto, helps leaders put their leadership knowledge into practice. Results are measured and guaranteed.

Gain Team Insights


Teams are the new organizational unit! According to Josh Bersin by Deloitte, organizations will evolve toward a network of teams. They will be characterized by  

  • Shared values and culture
  • Transparent goals and projects
  • Free flow of information and feedback
  • People rewarded for their skills and abilities not position 

Mobilize Agile Business Teams

Agile business team

In today's uncertain business environment, teams need to be responsive to changing conditions. They need to be agile, accomplishing their objectives through successive shorter time periods. At the beginning of each time period, they can adjust and realign their goals based the current circumstances. Many leading businesses, like Amazon, are adapting Agile methodology for their teams. Get the agile advantage with InSync Executive Coaching in Toronto

What others are saying

Accelerate Team Performance


I wholeheartedly endorse and support the value of professional coaching that Victoria Eastwood delivered to our group, that was simply too busy in our day to day to see the importance of team behavior until we met Victoria. We have a larger team and we have hired her once again to ensure our team remains high performance in 2016 and beyond.”

Dr. Chris Oswald
President/Founder CCFHP
CEO MuscleCare

Valuable Thinking Partner


“I’ve known Victoria for many years and have always used her advice and guidance although until recently I never thought of it as coaching.  Victoria asks the probing questions when I am trying to reason through a problem or situation that help me to get to the right decision for me.  Importantly, it’s my decision – Victoria has an innate ability to help one to make and own both the reasoning process and decision.”

Independent Business Owner, John

Finding Your Best Job

 “Victoria coached me during a job search. I found our sessions to be extremely helpful.   Victoria asked the right questions, and shifted my perspective about what I really wanted with respect to my career.    I know that my approach to interviewing, networking, etc. improved, and more importantly, my confidence increased.  I am grateful for the guidance and coaching that Victoria provided me during this time.” 

Donna, HR 

Developing Coaching Skills

 “Victoria was instrumental in involving my coaching skills, enabling me to take my coaching to the next level. She was great at really pinpointing ways of building on my coaching style, while at the same time making me feel great about my journey. As a result of her support I’m really able to take my coaching to a deeper level, listening and asking the right open-ended questions to get to the true need of the coachee.” 

Sam,  Organization Development 

About Us


Victoria Eastwood, B'Math, PCC

I work with senior leaders interested in developing their effectiveness to empower and enrich their teams and produce tangible results. Leading with courage, humility and discipline are the keys to be effective as a leader. As easy as it is to say, demonstrating courage, humility and discipline on a daily basis is difficult and is rarely achieved alone. As a certified coach, I can help you maintain the necessary behaviors that will deliver the measurable results in your leadership. This program is designed for leaders that are held back from advancement by some of their ineffective behaviors or inability to groom a suitable successor.

I help Agile and Business teams to move up the performance curve, and create high-performance teams. They will increase their effectiveness through team awareness of their underlying motivations, creating safety for vulnerable conversations and managing conflict effectively.

Effective teams require greater self-awareness and discipline to achieve the performance gains from being self-managed and self-directed. As both an executive coach and an Agile practitioner, I understand how to address the challenges that most teams face.

Previously, I held various positions including as an IT Executive and VP of Development (software). After over 25 years of managing software development projects, I choose to follow my passion, to develop great global leaders and teams. I am a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation. I have several other certifications that enable me to effective work with teams and leaders.

Still a geek at heart, I enjoy dabbling in technology! ;-) 


MS Stakeholder Centered Coaching Certified

Executive Coaching in Toronto: Guaranteed & Measurable Leadership Growth 

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Learn how to manage your motivation!

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