MotiVation Factor Accelerator Team WOrkshop


Team Performance

Teams are:

  • The most effective organizational unit when the team functions well
  • The most ineffective organizational unit when the team functions poorly
  • Today’s organizational unit choice as they are nimble, agile, adaptable and creative
  • Required to address today’s VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) business environment

This one day program can transition your team into high performance and enable the team to access the collective creative genius. Based on the latest neuroscience research, the workshop enables the team to tap into their energy and talents to nurture creativity to tackle today’s big challenges. 

Workshop Summary

 The Motivation Factor Accelerator is for leaders who want to boost team motivation, increase their energy, leverage their talents and become more creativity.

The team members will complete the Accelerator assessments. The team’s consolidated data (minimum 4 team members to preserve anonymity) will automatically be processed, analyzed and benchmarked. The results are presented to the management on an online dashboard and in a 16-page report. During the workshop with the team, the results will be presented. The team will then engage in 8 exercises to tap into the team potential and start to create results. 

Accelerator Events Includes

  •  Pin Pointer Pro result to all team members
  • Data processing and aggregate team result
  • Presentation of results to management and team
  • Workshops to boost motivation and creativity based on team results .


  1.  One day is all you need! In only one day, you can bring team motivation into focus, identify pain points and take action. 
  2. Practical plan to improve and maintain motivation and creativity for greater success.
  3. Keep it simple! We offer a hands-on, practical solution – free of complicated theories and typologies.
  4. Small investment! Because the analysis is automated and because we can deliver the results and customized workshops in only one day, we can offer the Full Package Event at a very competitive price.


Workshop Agenda

  •  Motivation Factor Methodology
    • Set the scene – Brush-up and Methodology
    • Presenting the M-Factor model 
    • Presenting the Hierarchy of Motivation
    • Presenting Fulfilling Needs
    • Presenting Leveraging Talents
  • SP Results Report
    • Presenting Significant Needs
    • Presenting Significant Talents
    • Presenting Intrinsic Motivation
    • Presenting Motivation Capability
    • Presenting Strategic Connection
    • Presenting High Score Questions
    • Presenting Low Score Questions
  • Workshop Segments
    • High Score Questions Impact Workshop
    • Low Score Questions Impact Workshop
    • Low Score Questions Actions Workshop
    • Low Score Questions To Do Workshop
    • Needs Workshop
    • Needs – Behavior Workshop
    • Needs – Behavior Action Workshop
    • Talents Workshop

What's Motivation Factor?

Based on neruoscience research on motivation, we can now measure motivation and help people understand how to increase their motivation. 

Increasing motivation has many benefits including higher employee engagement as well as many health benefits for the individual. 

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